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Question: What direction does it spin?

Answer - It Spins to the right or clockwise.

Question: Does slush come up in the neighboring holes?

Answer - Sometimes a little might come up but usually nothing does.

Question: Can I use a 3/8” drill?

Answer - No, not without a driver bit attachment or

grind the points off the 3/8” hex shaft.

Question: What size drill should be used?

Answer - I recommend an 18 volt or larger, but I know people using

12 volt & 14 volt and they say it works great.

Question: What are the directions on how to use it?

1. Attach Slush Copter to your 1/2”

    cordless drill.

2. Push all lose slush back into hole.

3. Push Slush Copter 1/2 way down into

    the hole and pull trigger on drill.

4. Run drill trigger for 7 to 10 seconds while pushing

    up and down forcing slush below the ice.

5. Repeat steps 1 through 4

    for additional holes.


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